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The day has finally come - a famous adventurer has picked you to be their Squire!

When your hero completes quests, defeats baddies, and takes all the credit, they also earn loot – which you get the great honour of carrying! This means you get to choose the items you think will be most useful to your hero, and also which ones to give up to complete a quest. 

Squire for Hire is a tile-based inventory management game for 1-2 players that takes about 15-20 min to play. Each Squire takes turns completing quests and adding loot to their bag. Keep vital items in your bag for when you need them, pack efficiently for extra points, and try to eliminate junk to be the Squire the highest scoring bag!


***Version 2.0 

-Updated artwork

-Junk items now show a darkened square to easily separate them

-Story Cards (previously Quests) now show better icons for Item Value vs Item Use

I've got the PnP ready for testing! (Most pages fold lengthwise along the bold line, glue together, and cut on the thin lines. Just keep the squires separated, they have no backs.) If you need any clarification let me know.

A few things I'm looking for:

  • Feedback on the art, anything you find works/doesn't. Ie. colours, effects, etc. (I plan to darken the squares around junk items to make these more visible when playing.)
  • Any flaws in the gameplay or mechanics

Install instructions

Most pages fold lengthwise along the bold line, glue together, and cut on the thin lines. Just keep the squires separated, they have no backs.


PnP 1.pdf 571 kB
PnP 2.pdf 592 kB
PnP 3.pdf 607 kB
PnP 4.pdf 644 kB
Rules Pages PnP.pdf 2 MB

Development log


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Hi! Love the game! After playing it a few times, though, I'm still confused about how to actually place the items. The rules are unclear to me, and since it's the most important aspect of the game, I feel like I need that part to be better defined, because I always think I'm doing it wrong.

Also, I had to go to a video to learn how to actually start playing. I think the rules were hazy here. I didn't know you just take an item card from the two showing. I thought I had to earn it somehow, and didn't know how. I'm happy to help with rewording suggestions.

Hey Cheryllion, thanks for the feeback, really appreciate that! I've been working with a few people on rewording the instructions... I'll include them here hopefully that will help! Please let me know if there's anything else you think is unclear :) Thanks again for trying it out!

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