Version 2.0!

***Version 2.0 

-Updated artwork

-Junk items now show a darkened square to easily separate them

-Story Cards (previously Quests) now show better icons for Item Value vs Item Use


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Aug 18, 2019
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Aug 18, 2019
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Aug 18, 2019
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Aug 18, 2019

Get Squire for Hire - PnP


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Played a couple of solo games and I really like the way this plays, trading off items in your bag for new loot early in the game is a tough decision sometimes and later in the game there is usually enough item value so the choice of where to add your loot to keep your options open becomes a pretty wide decision space - very clever. The art work is gorgeous and I do feel like I'm collecting items for my bag (but it looks more like a map of a dungeon with all of those square slabs - could there be a second phase where you use this to complete another quest, maybe to achieve your dream of being knighted?)  However, either I'm scoring things wrongly or 35 is a pretty easy target to reach. Mostly it's the squire card scoring I need to clarify.

1. Do you get the regular 1pt per item and the number of squares for the squire's bonus, or do you only count the bonus for that item type? e.g. does Ooru get 1 pt for each magic item and 1 pt for the number of spaces taken up by magical items?

2. To get a combo bonus, do the 2 items have to touch or just be in your bag?

3. Gust's junk items: do you add a point for each skull & deduct a point for each broken sword when calculating bonuses and then deduct a point for these visible items (effectively making skull worth 0 and broken sword -2), or ignore these when scoring visible junk items (making a skull worth 1 and a broken sword -1). I think the first, but am not certain.

4. For Tenderfoot's junk scoring, does 1 pt for each if you have 3 of the same mean 1 pt for each group or 1 pt for each item? And clarification of whether junk values need to be deducted if these are scored as part of a group as well.

This is fun, I just need to be sure I'm playing it right. Will you be putting the game on BGG in the future so I can rate it? Thanks

Hey Chellez, thanks for the kind comments and glad you're enjoying it so far just solo. I have to adjust the single player goal though. Here's some clarification I hope helps!

1. no, just 1 point per item, no points for spaces taken up.

2. Identical items have to touch side by side to get the bonus point. Think of it like packing similar things together, its more efficient! ;) 

3. Good catch.... Skulls add +1 instead of deducting 1, so that's a difference of 2 points. But broken swords deduct 1 point, so that should be a total of -2. I will word that differently!

4. Tenderfoot's points work for just having them in your bag, the set of 3 don't have to be grouped or touching.  You don't deduct any points for these. Again, I may reword this more clearly. 

BGG page is in approval process :) 

Cheers, Jon

So if this was Tenderfoot's bag (not a real game, just an example for scoring) the score would be:

10 pts for  carrying 10 items

0 pts for identical touching items

Bonus: 1pt for gold/ring (only the touching pair score, the other pair do not), 2pts for gold/chest, 3 pts for 3 lanterns

-1 pt for junk skull (as points are not deducted for 3 lanterns).

Is this right?

Everything is absolutely correct, except the extra points for gold, rings and chests touching. It’s only extra points for identical items touching ie. two rings or two chests. sorry for the confusion! 

So what do the gold+ring=+1pt and gold+chest=+2pt mean on Tenderfoot's card?

And, at the top of the Tenderfoot card there's a picture of the chest with +1 and a square. What does this mean?

My rules say 35 for a win, and I think I'm playing right so must be scoring wrongly - I'm sorry for bombarding you, but if I get it right I can show a scoring example in the review I want to write which may help others too!

Ah! I was mistaken, sorry I read your earlier post wrong. You are correct that "Bonus: 1pt for gold/ring (only the touching pair score, the other pair do not), 2pts for gold/chest, 3 pts for 3 lanterns"

Sorry, hope that helps :) Please let me know if you find anything else!